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INTERNET country Code: .sr


Fixed subscribers: 71,217
12 subscriptions per 100 habitants (2017 est.)

- National Telecommunications company - Telesur
Telecommunications Authority Suriname

The number of internet users: 265.964


% of population: 45.4 % (2016 est.) 

An investment of USD 115.8 Million is being made to enhance E-Suriname, a collective name for e-services which the national Telecommunications Company Suriname (TELESUR) wants to offer the community to enable social-economic development.


The aim is to have the entire coastline of Suriname connected to a modern infrastructure consisting of fiber optic cables which will facilitate innovative services (e-health, e-education, e-payment, smart retail, entertainment services such as IP TV, cloud storage, IoT etc.).


An important part of E-Suriname is the e-government portion, which entails a Safe City. Preventive security measures to battle crime and enhance traffic safety.

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